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deathbyfire Jul 7, 2002 9:55 PM

Flash options for Coolpix 5000
I have a CP5000 and ran into a problem with the limited range of the flash this past week. I know absolutely nothing about the external flashes. Can someone give me some direction. Also, what is the TTL thing I see on some of the flashes. Thanks.

keithdowsett Jul 9, 2002 10:39 AM

TTL Metering
TTL stands for Through The Lens. This means that the light captured by the subject is used to control the flash power. This is generally a good thing.

I'm considering buying a Coolpix 5000 - One of the nice features is that it will work with the more recent Nikon flashes, and hopefully with my Metz too. I may not get all the pre-flash features, but a decent TTL flash will do fine for me.


Bowisc Jul 22, 2002 9:40 AM

I also have a CP5K.
I'm wondering if my Sunpak 5000 from my "analog" set-up will work okay on the Coolpix.

Anyone using non-Nikon flashes on their Nikon digi-cams?


wsandman1 Aug 11, 2002 1:49 PM

External Flash w CP5K

I own a CP5K and a SB28 external flash. Unfortunately, Nikon has seen fit not to include TTL features in the CP5K or the CP5700. What this means, is that you can use the external flash unit from other vendors. This will be about the same as using Nikon units. I have an old Sunpak unit, I tried it and it works as well as the SB28 on the CP5K. This would not be true with the D100.

However, if the camera is damaged by a non-Nikon external flash your warranty is voided. I recommend getting one of the low-end Nikon DX models. You will be wasting your money by buying the more expensive units. You will not be able to use the advanced features that require the use of lenses with CPUs.


[email protected] Aug 26, 2002 5:32 PM

This is the biggest mistake that Nikon made on the Nikon 5000, up from the 995, add the hot shoe for external flash option but did not incl the multi sensor TTL flash metering option, second mistake: no option to add on a permanent filter for the protection of the lens.

Here comes the new and improved Nikon 5000S

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wsandman1 Aug 30, 2002 6:55 PM

I couldn't believe they continued the mistake with the CP5700! I was so excited when I first got the camera that I brought a SB28 flash unit by mistake. Unfortunately, even if I had gotten the SB28DX, it wouldn't have mattered that much. At least there's a hot shoe.

[email protected] Sep 4, 2002 10:54 AM

Yeap, even if you buy the SB 28DX or 80DX, you still don't get the flash TTL options, except if you buy the D100 with the DX flash series, then you will have the D-TTL.

sjms Sep 4, 2002 11:09 AM

thats one of the many reasons why i have a D7i.

KCan Sep 4, 2002 12:24 PM

Well, you have always the option to go with an external flash in auto mode (cancel the internal flash ), hotshoe connected with an appropriate isolating device ( if needed ) , is it true ?

[email protected] Sep 4, 2002 1:05 PM


Originally posted by KCan
Well, you have always the option to go with an external flash in auto mode (cancel the internal flash ), hotshoe connected with an appropriate isolating device ( if needed ) , is it true ?
Yes, it's true, but only in auto flash mode (very old procedure, not reliable), not TTL for Nikon digicams with hotshoe, that means the flash doesn't see the way the camera see or the lens see, and you will sometimes do not get the correct flash exposure if your are not an experienced photographer. Nikon at this time is still one generation behind Canon on the multi-wireless TTL flash operation.

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