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I own a Pentax istDS camera. My friend was going thru his old camera bag and found his old Olympus OM-2 film camera.

He also found a Vivitar Auto Thyristor 2800-D flash unit. He offered it to me, saying if it works on my Pentax, I could keep it.

I came home, put 4-AA batteries in it, and the flash worked when I tested the switch. I tried to (GENTLY) slide it onto my hot shoe, and, altho it was a snug fit, it slid right on.

I set it to ISO 200, focused in my living room, and, after focusing, the flash did flash when I pressed the shutter.

Is there any chance I am harming my camera, wrong voltage, improper pin lineup, or is a flash simply a buld that if it goes off when you press the shutter, then you have a flash unit for your camera???

If it must be made specifically for the camera (it was bought with the Olympus many years ago) I do not want to risk damaging my Pentax. On the other hand, if it can be used, I have a free flash.

What are the opinions of you experts???...Thanks
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You did exactly what I did, which was the wrong thing, the trigger voltages can vary from a few volts to a few hundred, with the latter potentially destroying your camera.

If you have access to a voltmeter, turn the flash on and measure the voltage across the two centre pins, I am not sure what the limit is on the istDS, but my K10D is rated up to about 30V (but reports vary) anything above 10V I would be wary of personally.

If you search there are a few posts with links to flash voltage sitesand if they are safe fo XYZ camera's.
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See link below

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I own a K10D and i have a Starblitz 3000BT which measured 190V. I was concerned about it so rang the Pentax technical department and was told it was ok. They said the PTTL wouldnt work which i knew but everything else would be fine. They said the way the flash worked was no different from years ago and the 190V was not going to do any damage. I have since used it a number of times including a full night wedding shoot with no problems. Keith
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