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Default Flashgun advice for bridge camera

I am looking to buy a new bridge camera. I am seriously considering the Panasonic DMC-FZ72EB-K as well as others which have a hot shoe (having previously owned the Sony DSC-HX100V). I want to get a cheap flashgun mainly for bounced flash - I used to own a Metz Mecablitz back in the 80s which was great and a couple since then but I am not sure about newer models. I have been looking at second hand ones on Ebay (Cobra Auto 260)as well more modern ones such as YN460 Speedlite. I do not know which of the older models are compatible with what cameras. Are there any websites which offer advice about this? I know that maximum trigger voltage is the issue here and it can burn the camera's electrics if you get it wrong.
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Hi Blue Rover, welcome to Steve's. I own several cameras I use for different purposes. I have a DSLR (Sony), and a Sony flash which cost about 250 US.

I also have a Canon SX40 HS which has a hot shoe. Instead of spending 150+ on a Canon flash, I went to my local Best Buy and bought a Sunpak Digiflash 3000, for my camera. It works like a charm, I use it for bounce. It will swivel as well. The build quality is not near that of a more expensive flash, so if you need one as a "workhorse", I might go with a more expensive model. For my use, which is a few times a year, (Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas), the Sunpak does just fine. I paid 59 US. I also went with that one because it was the only brand of "cheap" flash I could physically look at before I bought, and could return it to that store if not satisfied. I hate buying off the internet, because of the wait factor, and returning items are a little more involved. I do buy from B&H, and Amazon, and both places have great return policies. Good luck.
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I use an older Vivitar 285 with both my old Minolta D7hi, (w/ PC sync cable), and my newer Fuji X-S1, on the hotshoe. As you probably know, the shoe on the Sony/Minolta cameras is non-standard, and you can't attach a flash unless is is made for them.
The Vivitar flash is an auto-thyristor type, so it measures the reflected light and shuts of the flash at the proper exposure (for the f/number you have set) and gives excellent results in varying conditions. With a fully manual flash, you have to set the power level based on your ISO and f/number yourself (or the exposure based on the flash)
P-TTL flashes are able to communicate with the camera to set the flash power based on a pre-flash , and are much simpler to use. but have to be used with a particular brand of camera. (you may know all this - if so, ignore)
Used auto-thyristor flashes are available at KEH, Amazon, Adorama, B&H photo, and lots of other places. The Vivitar 285HV is still made-example here:http://www.adorama.com/VV285HV.html

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G'day BR

I use the Y 460 flashes - have 4 of them for my various bitz n pieces and love 'em to bits. The Y460 can be used either as a flash-on-camera or as a separate slave gun, activated by the internal optical slave or an external wireless slave trigger

Here's a link to the mob I bought them from, incl some wireless triggers is you ever want to expand your photo activities ...

Flashguns -

Triggers -

Hope this helps a bit
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