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What flashes will fitthe odd Minolta 7D shoe (without adapters) and have all the functions of the recommended Minolta units? I'm looking to expand my options beyond 3 'official' flashes.
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Nope -- it's a non-standard hot shoe.

There is an adapter you can get. But, then you'd lose the dedicated flash type features. There is also a sync port for using PC cord attached flashes, but the same limitations would apply.

The only Minolta flashes you can use are the 2500(D), 3600HS (D) or 5600HS (D).

In a non-Minolta flash, the only ones I'd suggest trying to use on it (based on user reports) would be the Metz 54MZ3 or 54MZ4 with the latest SCA3302M5 foot for Minolta.

The older modules won't work right with it so you need the latest M5 version of the SCA3302 foot. However, Metz will upgrade the older foot if you have one.

It's probably not quite as accurate in dedicated modes compared to the Minolta flashes, especially if you've had them recalibrated by KM (they seem to be consistent within a given mode though, so you could use flash exposure compensation with them as I've seen some users report doing via custom camera settings).

However, it's got a feature that other similar flashes don't have that work with this camera. It has it's own sensor built in for measuring reflected light during the exposure in it's Auto Mode (as the older Auto Thyristor type flashes have), yet it's still aware of the camera's settings for ISO speed and aperture in this mode, thanks to the dedicated foot.

In this Auto Mode, you elminate a preflash. Both ADI and preflash TTL modes in the 7D using KM flashes require a preflash, since there is noOff the Film metering with Digital (sensors are too reflective to use this technique so a preflash is used instead to help gauge exposure). So, you wouldn't need to worry about changing the flash every time you changed camera settings like Aperture with these Metz units using this mode.

These Metz flashes (54MZ3, 54MZ4) also support HSS (High Speed Sync) in non-Auto modes (not using it's built in sensor), so it could be used for fill flash outdoors at shutter speeds faster than the camera's sync speed.

Here is another forum thread discussing flash issues with the 7D thatyou may want to read through:

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hmmmm...maybe I'll just use my 20 year old Sunpak with an adapter shoe while I wait to see what Minolta comes out with next year.

Thanks again Jim for the usual accurate, thorough reply. It's nice having a frequent poster / moderator so knowledgeable about my own camera
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Hi Guy!

On film I own a Minolta 9xi, with the last flash model for this camera, for "SO"...I denied to buy a Minolta digitally, when I really own 6 lenses for my film body...since, I need to acquire the same flash but for the digitally body.

Be 100& sure that Konica/Minolta NEVER...will change the "Unique" flash shoe, however seems me that exist a Sigma brand flash that is really more cheaper that the original one, and will work with all the functions!

Today I own 2 digital cameras...,a Panasonic FZ-20 and now a Fuji FinePix S-9500, DON'T need to change lenses, so the sensor is always clean.

Good Luck!

Alex 007:|

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