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Default FZ-10 flash suggestions.

The topic pretty much says it all. I'm looking at buying an external flash for a Panasonic Lumix FZ-10. I don't want to spend a whole lot of money, but I also don't want a flash that'll disappoint me in low-light situations.

I'm pretty demanding and would be willing to pay more if it meant getting something that would do everything I need. Only problem is that I'm new to digicam shopping and even newer to the world of external flashes and don't really know what I'm looking for. Any help that y'all could give would be appreciated.
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The camera has a hotshoe with trigger pin only, meaning you have only 2 options for an external flash:

1) Manual mode flash: any manual flash will do , better if it offers several power output settings (full, ¼, 1/16 etc …) of course, you have to calculate the exposure yourself .

2) Auto flash: the flash has several aperture setting , you set the camera in manual mode at the according aperture , the sensor on the flash stop the flash at the right moment.
The speed setting is up to you to control the background lighting . This is the best option for you since many popular flash offers several manual settings and several auto settings.

In both case , make sure that the trigger voltage is low (~ 3-10 volts) to avoid damaging the camera circuitry. Cheap flash often has high trigger voltage.
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These threads also apply to your case because the fuji S602 also has a simple hotshoe with just a trigger pin. In some threads are infos and links about measuring trigger voltage yourself.


(Also, just in case you are not aware of, you can trigger an external flash with a slave cell if you camera do not “preflash” , or use a “Digislave” flash if it does preflash. But of course, a wire connection is more compact and practical.)

And how about a potatoe smasher?
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