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Default Godox V860II flash - quite cheap & good

I'd been searching for a while for flash units while thinking about updating from my Nikon SB-600. I also did the usual route, you know - YouTube, forums, reviews etc etc,, and one of the few units which began to stand out in all the looking around I did, was the Godox V860II (or v860ii - whichever, same thing). Really, the name alone (is that Goddox or Goadox?) was enough to make me laugh but after the smiles disappeared and I began to get serious and really focussed on this model, the reviews and videos never really had nothing bad to say about it, as a matter of fact it all seemed to be good news, so I bought one a few days back. It cost about half to a third the price of a Nikon SB-700 and/or SB-910, and those who have compared them, say the V860II actually easily equals or betters them in overall performance too.
It's at times like this you simply have to take the word of others on the internet, as it's also a wonderful place to either extol or cry down a products good or bad performance - rip off or not. Sometimes a product will come along that not only has a cheap price-tag, but also performs well and hangs in there for a while. I am hoping the V860II is one of those products.
Even though I have only had it for a handful of days now, it sure lives up to it billing and can give off a huge flash compared to the SB-600 (aboard a Nikon D750) when needed and is very easy to program, although I'll probably just want to use it in standard TTL auto zoom mode - just place on-board, switch on and away you go.. The V860II has a huge rechargeable Lithium ion battery in it which is supposed to be capable of better than 500 - 700 shots - just what exact specs this figure is taken from remains a mystery but I'll be watching that one. After much extensive messing around with settings and quite a few pics taken, it still remains at full charge, so who knows..?? The SB-600 took 4 AA's and even though you could get a good handful of shots (easily in excess of 100 - 130) out of it, you soon notice the recycle times start to get longer between each shot. That usually depends on which cheap and/or nasty brand of battery you may use, but even good batteries eventually succumb, so rechargeable Lithium ion's are quite welcome.

I am looking forward to working with this new flash and in a few moments time I am going to look for an excuse to use it again. Fingers crossed...

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