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bassfisherman Mar 17, 2005 9:26 PM

Hi could some one tell me if this is true for a Nikon D70 using this flash

some one wrote this about the SIGMA EF-500 DG Super Flash for Nikon AF[D]

Bought it on last week, works fine but does not support TTL with the D70 using an AF[D] lens as Sigma advertises. Limited TTL does work in "multi" mode, but there is no TTL auto-zoom function there either. Rather than hassle with it, am biting the bullet and buying a Nikon Speedlight, selling this to help pay for it.

It would not take a picture in either TTL or TTL BAL mode. It did not show the correct distance and f-stop on the display. It did take pictures in Multi mode, but would not auto-zoom. It worked in manual mode, as long as the zoom was set correctly (manually) Yesterday I tried a Nikon SB-800 on the camera, and it worked correctly in all modes, including zoom, and as I changed the lens zoom it showed on the flash display. I did not try the Sigma in slave mode, it may work well for that. Anyhow, I would not recomend this unit for the D-70, unless you are willing to send it to Sigma to see if it is defective.

Please tell me why some people say it works fine but this guy says that it does not

Thanks for your help


NHL Mar 19, 2005 5:54 AM

This flash is designed for many cameras - a Canon version will not work on a Nikon or vice versa. When a 'Canon' EF-500 DG Super version is mounted on a D70 it will have all the symptoms described in green above... ;)



Sigma digital macro flash

Nikon D70 and D2X users will be pleased to know that the new EM-140DG GN14 twin tube gun is i-TTL compatible (unlike the Nikon SB-29S). It will also fire a slave EF500DG Super gun wirelessly.

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