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Zephyrs Aug 28, 2005 7:06 AM

Can someone please help me with my flash. All the lights at the back are flashing on and off and nothing seems to work. Turning off the flash doesn't seem to have any effect and the only way i can stop the flashing is to take out the batteries. Whats wrong with my flash?

Gandalf065 Sep 12, 2005 9:35 AM

What kind of camera are you trying to use it with? As far as I know, it is not fully compatible with a lot fo digital SLR's
The one you want is the 500 DG Super!

Zephyrs Sep 12, 2005 10:09 AM

It used to work with the EOS 300d

Gandalf065 Sep 12, 2005 9:34 PM

Oh my... well I am out of ideas... sounds liek you should contact Sigma tech support.

Geeek204 Sep 13, 2005 1:21 AM

Yah, contact tech support. It is supposed to fully support the 300d

Koenig Sep 15, 2005 8:48 AM

It should work correctly on all the Canon EOS models. The only difference in the ST model and Super model, is that the the Super model can be controlled off camera, ie used as a slave. The ST can not be used as a slave and must be used on camera.

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