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The 333 Auto is an older model. The main difference between it and the newer 383 Super is that the 333 Auto includes a manual zoom head.

This head also lowers the GN a little bit at it's widest zoom setting, but the GN at the max zoom setting is the same as the rating for the 383 Super. The reason is that this head also appears to act as a diffuser panel when it's at the widest setting (pushed all the way in).

But, the primary reason I bought these instead of newer strobes was the price. ;-)

From my perspective, why pay $70 or so for a new Sunpak 383 Super, when I can get a new 333 Auto for $25? ;-)

This one appeared to be in new condition (although it was supposedly preowned). The used department at B&H listed it in 10 condition (as new in box), and from the way it looked, I don't think anyone had ever used it. It still had the original factory wrap around it, the manual appeared in perfect condition, etc.

I don't use strobes much, and these were bought primarily for use on camera. My KM 5D uses a proprietary hotshoe, and I bought a 3rd party adapter that gives it both an ISO standard hotshoe as well as a PC Sync port. With this setup, I can trigger both strobes at the same time (one via the hotshoe and the other via a PC Sync cord) if desired.

I've got some older Vivitar strobes with trigger voltages that are too high for my KM 5D. So, I bought newer used strobes. ;-)

As little as I use a strobe, I couldn't justify the expense of a more expensive dedicated solution, and a non-dedicated solution also has the benefit of eliminating the preflash.

Note that there are a variety of ways to trigger slaves. Wein even makes some "digital" peanut slave triggers that are designed to ignore preflashes. If you want to get rid of the hassles associated with using a flash to trigger slaves (which can be a big problem if you're trying to take photos at an event, since other people's strobes can set them off), you may also want to look into something like a Pocket Wizard solution.

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I will be using these for my Family Photos. So I think i should be okay as they not be triggerred by others flash. Now that i have learnt that non-decicated flash will not have pre-flashes i can now confidently shop around for either 383 or 333.

Thank you all for your time and suggestions.
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