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alex sykes Jan 19, 2005 5:47 AM

Great camera - but need some additional flash for inside photos. Camera has external flash connector - does this trigger and/or power an external flash. Any suggestions for type of flash .. thanks

CastleDude Jan 19, 2005 11:33 AM

Do a search on 6490 external flash here and you will get a lot of hits (they are nearly the same camera).

What to look for is a general purpose flash with a fairly high guide number. Big pluses if it has a tilt head and/or a zoom head. The zoom head and high guide are because of that wide zoom range to make sure you can punch through to the target.

You will need either a flash and an external bracket, or a handle style (old term was potato-masher) flash.

Sunpak makes the 383 Super and Auto 544 which are great. Vivitar and Phoenixhave similar inexpensive products. Don't be afraid to check out the used shops older flashes work fine and the Kodak is pretty robust (rated at 500V contacts).

KCan Jan 19, 2005 11:51 AM

I am a Metz addict :?

IMO, If you go for an external generic flash , go for a handle mount, better balance, unless you worry about handling size.
Used Metz are great value , 45CT4/CL4 for less than 200$.

alex sykes Jan 22, 2005 6:16 AM

Thanks for your help:cool:

mksmith713 Mar 12, 2005 11:59 PM

I see the SunPak 544 is apopular choice for the Kodak DX 6490 and 7590.

I was wondering if the SunPak 522 is a good choice as well.

I'm looking at picking one up fairly cheap but don't want to buy something I can't use.

Tom Overton Mar 13, 2005 1:24 AM

Just my quick vote...

I have the Sunpak 383 and just love it!

Just so you know... think of this as a drawback or a feature... depending on what you have in mind, the Kodak PC connection will fire whether or notyour built-in flash is enabled. One bonus is that this means the flash will fire in burst mode. If I'm shooting a fairly close subject, with the 383 set to manual at 1/16 power, I'll get the full six frames fully illuminated. On the down side, if you have the flash set up, you have to turn the power off to prevent it from firing when you don't need it.

In short, my 6490 loves its external flash.

Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada

RoadIon Apr 3, 2005 10:22 PM

KODAK questions

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