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Honnes Feb 21, 2015 4:47 AM

Looking for advice Di466 / DMW FL360 and Diffuser

I'm a hobbyist when it comes to taking photos, and love to take photos of our baby, people, and nature. I recently upgraded from a Pannie FZ35 to a Pannasonic G6.

I'm not into flashes, but after some looking around, I bought a Di466 and a 2nd hand Panasonic FL360 (not the latest model) which both seem to work just fine on a Micro 4/3 camera.

I can't really tell which one is best, but I can tell that I mainly use the FL360 cause it can fully rotate, but the recharge time is quite a tad slower than the Di466.

Has anyone else got (one of) these and give their opinion about them? I'd appreciate any feedback so I can decide when it's better to use one flash or the other.

Also, I'm looking for a diffuser for the flashes, but I don't know which one would suffice and fit. I need something that fits in my camera-bag and easy and quick to use.

I was thinking about the omni-bounce and/or a rogue flashbender.

Thanks for reading and help in advance! :)

BBbuilder467 Feb 24, 2015 4:25 PM

I think the FL360 is actually the better flash of the two, but the Di466 is a very good flash for the m4/3 for it's size, features and price. The swivel head is the most obvious difference. With m4/3 there isn't as much need to shoot in portrait orientation like you would with a dslr at 3:2 aspect ratio. The swivel isn't as critical.

I use a StoFen Omnibounce indoors and mainly outdoors. It works well for all-around use and is particularlly compact and rugged for outdoors. It's easy to use hand-held with a remote cable.

The Flashbender is a better modifier for indoors, portraits, etc. It's too bulky and complex for most of the things I do, especially outdoors.

If you start using the flash a lot, you'll probably want several different flash modifiers.

I just spend so much time outdoors that the only thing that can survive is the little plastic Omnibounce. I can have it on/off in a second or two and can't "hurt" it in the wind, brush, water or mud. The Flashbender would last me about 15 minutes outdoors and be destroyed.

Honnes Feb 24, 2015 4:42 PM

Thank you for your reply BBbuilder467.

For some reason I sometimes feel the composition of a photo is better when shooting in portrait orientation. I think I will keep both, as I can use one as a slave flash.

As for the diffuser, I think I'll go for the omnibounce too, but each time I look at it, it seems hard to believe that a piece of plastic like that wil do the trick :-). I had not even thought about how "easy" a flashbender would be outdoors, don't want to spend my time on getting that thing set-up properly.

Thank you for your advice, now I just need to figure out of the omnibounce would fit both my flash-units :-)

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