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in my latest pop photo mag in the back where all the avertisments are a company called phenix (something like that has a circular flash unit.the kind that encircle the lens eliment.for 100 dollers american????? thats like 1/3 the cost of a sunpack or nikon unit.maby 1/4th the cost.sure it may not be as robust as the name brands bnut for what it is its insanly inexpensive?
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That particular flash you are describing is designed to be used only at a very close up distance. That is why it is called a macro flash. Macro is another word for "close-up."

Anonther name for that type of flash is "ring flash" because it encircles the camera's lens. A flash like that is typically used for product shots of jewelery. If you were thinking of using it in place of a regular flash on your camera to take flash photos at a distance of, say, 10 to 12 feet it would be unable to do so, due to its lack of flash power. As I mentioned,a ring flash is only designed for close-up work at a distance of maybe 12 inches.

Sarah Joyce
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Looking at the Phoenix RL-59 which is probably what you are referring to it seems that people are not able to get them working on dSLR cameras, well at least not the current ranges. Adorama sells them so might be worth making a call for some more info.

As for power, it has a guide of 59 feet at ISO 100 which is more powerful than the Nikon D700 soif it would trigger you could quite happily use it for normal shooting ranges and unlike a normal flash will give less shadows or more even shadows. I've seen ring flash units used quite nicely in some portrait situations but just don't think this option is right for you.
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