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Default maxxum 5d and HVL-F36AM severe overexposures

I have tried everything I can think of to get this flash to work, but it seems that it is not working properly. I have to tilt the head up to vertical to take a shot indoors. If I try a night shot outside it has really long exposures, like 4 seconds. Flash fires every time, but it seems like the metering is way off, and the exposures are not adjusted for the flash firing. I have changed every setting I can come up with, but to no avail. I can control the flash manually, but I bought this flash because I didn't want to have to do that.

It is like I am not getting preflash metering, the camera calculates and fires like there will be no flash, flash fires and washes out all my pics.

If I run the F36 wireless with the popup flash triggering it, everything looks pretty good.

It is like my camera is not detecting that it is going to fire the flash when it is in the shoe.

I know someone has had or heard of this in the past, anyone remember how to fix it?

I have the same result with a minolta D lens, and a SONY 100mm 2.8 macro.

BTW this is my first post...Yay!!
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It sounds as if the flash and camera are not communicating. First thing to check would be the contacts on the flash and the hotshoe. Try cleaning flash contacts with standard rubber eraser (not the ink eraser type,as it is a bit too abrasive). The contacts on the Minolta hotshoes are a little harder to get to, but you might try a cotton swab dampened with rubbing alcohol.
The fit of the flash to the camera may be a bit off. Try wiggling it around on the shoe a bit with the camera and flash on, to see if you get the flash indicator.

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Good idea!!!So I went and rounded up stuff to clean it, and when I looked at the bottom of the used flash I just bought from B&H I realized that one of the pins was slightly bent, and not comming out all of the way, so I straightened it, and gently pulled it out the rest of the way so it was the same height as the other pins, and took a pic of my daughter's face at about 2-3 feet. Flash fired, Perfect exposure. Can't believe it was so simple. I think I am going to keep the flash, even thought I would love to jam it down B&H's throat since they rated it a 9/10. Oh well. It works now. Thanks for making me look in a different direction.
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