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Hello... new to the forum. I originally posted this in the Pentax forum, but I think it should probably go here.

I am considering purchasing one of the Pentax D-SLR's, (not sure whether to go the DS/DL/DS2 route yet), and I was just wondering if I can use my Metz 45 CL-4 flash with the SCA 374/2AF adapter with it?

It worked wonderfully with my old SF1N, and I'd hate to have to purchase another expensive flash if I get one of the new *ist cameras.

Also, does anybody have a good answer as to what the differences are between a flash designed for a digital camera, versus one that is designed for an analogue camera? Apparently, the Metz site does not recommend the 45 CL-4 for any of the newer digital cameras, and I'd like to know why.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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This compatibility chart seems not up to date:


But if you look at the Metz.de website, you will find the 3702M module compatible with digital (I just check *ist) and backward compatible with your analog camera:


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Thank you for your help and speedy response. I just hope that this adapter is the same across the line, as I am still trying to decide which Pentax to get.

Right now, the DS2 is looking fairly promising.

Thanks again.

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