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Bloodstrike Jun 2, 2004 10:02 AM

I'm searching for a cheap flash. And I saw the Metz Mecablitz 36 C-2. This flash can be usedwith digital cameras. But is it any good? I can get it for 59euro.

"mecablitz 36 C-2: THE COMPACT CLASS. With a guide number of 36 and designed in the popular ‘Cobra' shape.

Those who are looking for a high-precision automatic flash unit will be well served with the mecablitz 36 C-2, it features three different telecomputer apertures (f/8, f/4 and f/2 at ISO 100/21°), as well as a manually adjustable zoom reflector to optimize the light out-put within a focal length range of 28-85 mm."

KCan Jun 2, 2004 11:50 AM

Seems to be a nice flash to go with your camera:cool:. Of course, you have to use your camera in manual mode to use the "telecomputer apertures" or "full" settings of the flash.
The guide number of 36 correspond to the max. zoom setting of the flash (85mm)
You get only a guide number of 30 :Din the 35/50 mm range
(just to compare correctly with other flashes)

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