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I am looking for a add on flash for my Konica Minolta Z6 digital camera. The camera has a flash shoe, but it is different than what my old film SLR uses, my vivitar 265 flash will not attach to my Z6 camera. My question is, is there a good slave flash, or a compatible flash that will work with this camera. Is there any way of attaching my vivitar 265 flash to this camera. Minolta does make external flashes for this camera, but I am having a hard time finding one. Any help or suggestions would be great

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outtolunch42 wrote:
... Is there any way of attaching my vivitar 265 flash to this camera
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Most vendors have been sold out of the Minolta FS-1100 that NHL posted a link to for a while now.

But, if you search for FS-1100 on Ebay, you'll find a vendor in Hong Kong with a third party equivalent adapter for $14.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

Here is an example:


However, I would not risk using your old Vivitar. It's trigger voltage is likely to be very high, and you could damage the camera's electronics if you didn't use something like a Wein Safe Sync with it. I don't see it listed on a web site where users report trigger voltage. But, I suspect it's going to be quite high:


I recently gave away one old Vivitar 273 to my brother-in-law, since I was afraid to try it on my KM Maxxum 5D via the same adapter I posted a link to (I don't want to risk frying my camera).

Measure it to see what it comes out to. But, I suspect it will be very high.

If you're on a tight budget, you can find newer used strobes that have relatively low trigger voltages that could be used via an FS-1100 adapter (which gives you camera an ISO standard hotshoe).

For example, I found a Sunpak 333 Auto in like new condition for only $25.00

In new non-dedicated strobes, the Sunpak 383 Super and Vivitar 285HV are popular choices that you could use via an FS-1100.

Or, you could go with one of the newer Konica Minolta or Sony strobes and not worry about an adapter (and you wouldn't need to use manual exposure like you would with a non-dedicated strobe). You'll find the Sony models to be easier to find now (most vendors sold out of the compatible Minolta branded strobes a while back).

Minolta 5600HS (D)
Minolta 2500 (D)
Minolta 3600HS (D)

Sony HVL56AM (rebranded Minolta 5600HS)
Sony HVL36AM (rebranded Minolta 3600HS)

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