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Default Multiple Flashes

I've been working with 2 Flashes (Speedlite 430) and a wireless transmitter (Canon ST E2).

I'm looking at adding a third flash. I use my flashes rather than light boxes or softboxes. The flashes work for me.

In some of the portrait work I'm doing, I see that I need a third light source.

So I'm debating between another 430 or a Speedlite 580. If I go with the 580, it will do double duty. It serves as both a flash and as a wireless transmitter.

Other than the 430 costing less than the 580, what else should I take into consideration before I make a purchase?

Thanks for your help.

Faithfully yours,
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Originally Posted by FaithfulPastor View Post
... If I go with the 580, it will do double duty. It serves as both a flash and as a wireless transmitter.
Once you have an ST-E2, I rarely go back to use the 580 as a controller anymore:
1. It's much easier and quicker to set the controls on an ST-E2 than on the 580EX
2. Unless you want the 580EX on the camera for the front flash (also rarely, once you already have the two flashes to cover) it's much bigger and bulkier than an ST-E2

-> Also there's a cost/system trade-off - By the time you have added up all the cost of the flashes (i.e. two 430EX, 580EX, and ST-E2) you could have gotten a much more flexible systems which could do thing unimaginable on AA's batteries: http://www.paulcbuff.com/alienbees.php
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As the owner of an Sb-900 and 2 sb-600's the biggest advantage is the light output advantage of the sb-900 (or 580EX in your case). The quality of light was the biggest thing that stood out.

Likewise, I use in manual mode with wireless triggers. Likewise, Nikons CLS is just an expensive backup if having trouble with the triggers. Even when in CLS I set the Sb-900 to slave, keeping the camera as master asI don't use on-camera flash, other than the pop-up needed for the premeasure, but have it's output dialed down to -3.
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