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gordocam Mar 29, 2012 11:39 AM

I have an older Panasonic Lumix FZ20 and I have picked up a Nissin Di866 cheap. Problem is...for somke reason I can't get em to talk to each other. The 866 is Nikon compatable. My SB900 works well on the FZ20 as it does on me D-3's & D-300's. Any help?? Thanks in advance

JimC Mar 29, 2012 12:12 PM

Well... sometimes a dedicated flash won't fire at all (or only fire at full power) if you try to use it on a different camera brand than it was designed for, because it's looking for signaling on pins that are not present in the foot, and the signaling is proprietary to a camera brand, even if the pins match up.

But, it looks like the Di866 has a built in sensor and can work as a non dedicated flash if you set the flash to use Manual/AV mode. Then, just use manual exposure on the camera and set the camera and flash to match for aperture and ISO speed, using a shutter speed that lets in the amount of ambient light desired.

That's the way you'd want to use your SB900 with the Panasonic, too (basically, it has a non-TTL Auto mode where you can set an Aperture and ISO Speed, then use manual exposure on the camera and set the ISO speed and Aperture to match what's set on the flash).

That way (since you have no communications between those flashes and your Panasonic except for triggering purposes), the flash can do the work (where it terminates the flash output when it sees enough reflected light for the aperture and ISO speed you have set).

Basically, you'd just be using those flash models as non-dedicated flashes (like a Sunpak 383 Super, Sunpak 333 Auto, etc.), since dedicated flashes for Nikon models are not designed to communicate camera settings info with a Panasonic camera (which is why you need to set those things manually to get proper exposure).

With your Nissin set to AV/Manual mode, it should ignore the other [missing on the Panasonic] pin signaling with it set that way, so it could be triggered by the center pin. Then, the flash would use it's built in sensor to measure reflected light during the exposure, terminating the flash output when it sees enough light for the aperture and ISO speed you have set on it.

Here's a manual that may help with settings:

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