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Nanbakat Sep 21, 2005 3:00 AM


I was wondering if anyone who participates in this forum could help me out with this situation:

I have a Nikon D-70s and a Nikon SB-29s macro ringlight setup that I use to take close-up pictures of orchids. It works fairly well in most cases, but I am bothered by the "flat" lighting in many of the pictures. The lack of shadows makes the images appear two-dimensional and the depth of the flowers is lost.


I was thinking about using the ringlight in conjunction with an external Nikon speedlight that could be placed off-camera and used to highlight some 3-dimensional details in the flowers. Is this possible? If so, how could this work?

I was thinking of two scenarios...

Use built-in d-70 speedlight to act as the "master" to send a signal to an sb-600 speedlight off-camera while leaving the sb-29s attached to the camera. Can the camera fire the macro-ringlight AND send a wireless signal to an external flash at the same time? If so this is the easiest solution. Or if this doesnt work....I could use a su-4 wireless slave flash controller attached to the ringlight so that the camera flash controls both the external sb-600 *AND* the sb-29s wirelessly. In both these cases, the built-in flash on the camera would fire (which could be annoying) but would likely not affect the picture too much because it would be almost entirely blocked by the ringlight mounted on the lense.

or (a more expensive alternative)

Buy an sb-800 speedlight (this flash can act as a "master" and sb-600 can't) and attach it to the camera via a flashcord and use it off-camera at an angle. Then this speedlight (and not the camera) would direct the sb-29s macro flash via an attached su-4 wireless slave flash controller.

Are any of these scenarios possible? Has anyone tried this? I just dont want to spend money on something and then figure out that it doesnt work. Of course, maybe my idea is a little nutty...if so, feel free to comment on that as well. :shock:


KCan Sep 23, 2005 9:58 PM

If I were you, for this kind of shooting, I will first trysome slave flashes that you can ajust power individualy, disposed at different angles, and reduce the ring light. It's simple and more flexible to get the final effect you want.

Nanbakat Nov 8, 2005 5:31 PM

It seems that Nikon anticipated my problem and developed a solution. Their new sb-r200 flash system seems like it will solve my problem. It is a ringlight with wirelessly controlled slave flashes. Now all I need to do is find a sucker, err...buyer, to buy my SB-29 ringlight flash. :G

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