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Default Nikon SB-600/SB-900 master/slave question

Alright, I'm not 100% sure if this is the right spot for this question.

I shoot on a D50 - it's one of the few entry-level Nikon camera bodies that has a mechanical shutter (usually only found in the higher end Nikon camera bodies).

In studio, I use an SB-900 on camera to trigger two SB-600s off camera (the built in IR triggering).

I've recently been playing with high speed sync. If I flip my SB-900 to manual to set my flash power myself, and break the TTL connections between the camera and flash (I have a little hot-shoe adapter that does this, or with a PC-PC cable), the flash no longer tells the camera the maximum shutter speed. (1/500th for a D50). Through research and experimentation, I've found I can shoot at around 1/800th with full power, 1/1200th with half power.

The issue is, when I've cut the TTL connection between SB-900 and the camera body, the SB-900 no longer triggers the SB-600s.

Does anyone know a work-around? Is there a setting on any of the flashes that I've missed to make this work? It would be amazing if I could shoot with 3 Nikon speedlights at high sync speeds.

Thanks in advance!

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Have you try a photoeye on the SB-600s?
Anyone of this should work in manual: https://www.google.com/search?q=phot...FQ%3B355%3B355
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Originally Posted by NHL View Post
Have you try a photoeye on the SB-600s?
Anyone of this should work in manual: https://www.google.com/search?q=phot...FQ%3B355%3B355
No, I haven't. I was hoping to make this work without adding any extra equipment.
If it gets too brutally complicated, I'll grab hotshoe adapters for the 600s and just daisy-chain the PC cables - I don't mind having cables around when shooting in studio
That, or I finally break down and spend $800 on a set of pocket wizards.
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1. SB-900 built-in slave mode.
I think the SB-900 has a built-in slave mode. Maybe try put an SB-600 on the hot shoe adapter, fire it and the SB-900 gets triggered by the SB-600?

2. Another cheap option, but not sure it would go up to 1/800 sec are these dumb wireless triggers . . .


You'd need 3 or 4 of them.

One on the camera.
One for each SB-600.

And if you wanted to use your SB-900 off camera, rather than have it on camera, you'd need one for it.

I think I've read many places that with a Nikon D70/s, D50, D40 that this is good to at least 1/500 sec. It might be good for a bit more, but don't quote me on that. It's been a while since I had my Nikon D70s.

3. Yes. Daisy-chain the PC cables.

Does the D50 have fp-sync mode?

Take care & Happy Shooting!
Take care & Happy Shooting!

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No, the D50 does not have high-speed sync.
I have no problem syncing all 3 flashes (when the DB-900 is on camera via TTL)... The 900 acts as a commander for the 600s.

The issue I have, is that when TTL isn't present (manual flash), the 900 cannot trigger the 600s.
I guess #3 is my only option at this point. Pick up a couple hot-shoe adapters for the 600s and a pile of long PC cables... I really don't want to invest in radio-triggers at this time

You confirmed my suspicions, that the IR sync between Nikon speedlights requires TTL.
I appreciate you taking the time to answer!
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