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Here is the problem. I know I need a new flash for my new camera. I was going to get an SB 600 as its cheaper than the 800. I have a nikon d50. I went to a small home rodeo and all my pictures would be great if they were not blurry due to lighting conditions. Would one of the SB be able to capture that kinda of movement thats about 20-40 feet away? What do I do? No settings I could find could give me enough light and capture motion and different angels of the natural light.

Also, even though I set my camera to the rapid mode, continuous or whatever it still keeps stalling even in complete manual mode. I couldnt get continuous pictures unless the conditions were JUST right and the camera often wouldn't let me take pictures because it felt the lighting or fstop was off. Making taking pictures at a buck off impossible. Very disappointing.

Please help!

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20 to 40 feet is pushing the limits, even for those flashes. Have you tried using higher ISO? You should also consider using a fast lens (f2.8 or faster).
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THe other issue is recycle time. When shooting continously, the flash will not have enough time to recharge if full pops are needed.
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