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mcfarnell Apr 10, 2011 12:52 AM

Nikon SB-600 vs. Sigma EF-610 DG ST
Greetings everyone,

My friend ordered me a flash as a gift. I asked for the Nikon SB-600, which I think they tried to order for me. Somehow they ended up with a Sigma EF-610 DG St instead. I'm thinking the company they ordered it from may have 'bait and switched' them into thinking this was a better flash (I haven't talked to them about it yet). They paid $179.

Anyway, which of these flashes is better? I'm afraid they might not be able to return it, so I'm wondering if it is a good flash I should keep, or if I should get the SB-600. I want it to take indoor pictures at events. I use a Nikon D80. Thank you.

shoturtle Apr 10, 2011 1:46 AM

the sig is not a bad flash, and it has much better power then the sb600, guild number 30 with the nikon and 61 with the sigma. I would shoot a nikon with the nikon system, as nikon has the best ttl flash system on the market. But if they can not return the sig, it is not that bad of a flash if you need allot of power.

mcfarnell Apr 11, 2011 1:38 PM

Does anyone know how the recycle time is on this flash vs the Nikon? Would it perform for shooting at a wedding?

tizeye Apr 11, 2011 5:48 PM


Originally Posted by mcfarnell (Post 1217575)
Does anyone know how the recycle time is on this flash vs the Nikon? Would it perform for shooting at a wedding?

Huge difference, and SB600 by a longshot.

Recycle time
Sigma: 7 sec alkaline, 5 sec NiMH; Nikon: 3 sec alkaline, 2.5 sec NiMH

Also note: the Sigma has 2 closely labeled models. The 610 DG ST and the more expensive 610 DG Super. About the only difference is that the Super will function as both master and slave with Nikon's wireless CLS, while the ST won't even function as a slave like the SB600 will. This could be important if you have a D90 or higher that can function as master, using the onboard pop-up to trigger an SB600 off camera. The Sigma ST model could not do that.

Also, it appears by spec that it does not have exposure compensation where the SB600 had EV -3 to +3.

Yes the Sigma is slightly more powerful when compared at 35mm. GN 36 vs GN 30 for the SB600, however, when testing to confirm the accuracy of the GN, the SB600 tested at 31, wile the Sigma has not been tested.

The other thing that stood out, plastic hotshoe foot on the Sigma vsmetal on the Nikon.

Here is the source.

The downside, the SB600 is technically a discontinued model and may be hard to find. I did see them today in Best Buy. An alternate 3rd party to consider would be the Nissin di622 Mark II (not the non-Mark II) which is closely equivalent to the SB600. The non-Mark II is more closely equivalent to the Sigma.

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