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Default Nikon Sb400 Flash question

I have a Nikon D5000 and have borrowed my husbands SB400.
I like it's size but I always have to pump up the brightness and contrast in P/S to make the shots look good.
Is there anything that I can do to achieve brighter results out of the camera.
Will raising the ISO do it? I know it increases the range.
I dont like playing around in P/S too much.
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Look in your user guide for flash exposure compensation. It is a function of the flash mode button and the command dial.
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^ What he said. If you're shooting in P, A, S or Auto modes you can turn the dial clockwise to increase exposure compensation. You can see how much you're increasing it in 1/3 stop increments either on the LCD or on the light meter along the bottom of the viewfinder as you turn the dial.

Another option is increasing flash compensation. You have to do that using the LCD on the back of the camera. There's a little box that has a lightning bolt with a +/- next to it. Select that and increase. That will cause the flash to add some power to whatever TTL reading it comes up with though you may top out quickly on the SB-400 unless you're up close and indoors.

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Thanks for the replies I'll give that a go.
I know a bigger flash would be good but I try to limit weight as much as is practical, because I carry my outfit all day sometimes and use a tripod as well.
My Husband if he is there has his own stuff to carry, so I cant load him up.
Thanks again.

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