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BDD Jun 23, 2010 1:04 PM

Nikon Speedlight Use
I have a Nikon SB-800 Speedlight. It's set to full auto. TTL + BL.

How do I set up my flash to fire as I press the shutter button? Right now I would half-press the shutter button acquiring focus...shutter button "tenses up"...then I would hear 3 faint "tick, tick, tick" sounds as the flash builds up power...then the flash would fire as I hear the shutter. Which is fine if the subject can be still. This is taking roughly 2-3 seconds per shot w/ flash. What if you're trying to take photos of small kids or dogs? Sports?

Does the flash have to be set to "Auto FP high speed sync"? Where I'd then have to be in Shutter Priority or M mode shooting at more than 1/250th sync speed.

Is there something setting I need to do in my D300? So that I get one burst as the shutter fires. I must not be doing a few things in the setup (camera & flash).

UPDATE: Found out I had my camera set to "red eye sync mode" which adds a second of delay before the flash fires. Set it to "front curtain sync". Now the flash fires when I press the shutter button.

Had to contact tech support at Nikon Canada. They were quick to reply. Replied the next day.

So ends this thread.

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