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Originally Posted by NHL
There's no matrix in the meter, but the meters are arranged in a matrix pattern linking to the separate focusing points. The '3D' metering add a 3rd dimension to couple the distance info from the lens is focusing on to put a weighting average on the location of the sensor element(s) of this matrix so it's more than a marketing slogan!
Are you aware of the definition of "matrix"? It means data are organized in rows and columns. None of the multi-segment metering patterns has a matrix form. The term "matrix" is simply a marketing twist. You might want to read an interesting article by H. Kepler published in Pop Photo several months ago.

If you wish to see an oxymoron, here is one: TTL flash? can the flash shoot through the lens?

This is the key point and is no oxymoron and where you're the only person who is missing the point! The flash burst bounces off the subject and is reflected back to the camera Through-The-Lensr] and to the sensor behind it. The sensor on the Coolpix is outside the lens hence no-TTL flash. Therefore the filter test that TuanOKC also mentioned -> the pictures would have been underexposed!
No, no, no, you missed my point. I have made it very clear that the Coolpix cameras do not have TTL-metering; but, they do have TTL control with a Nikon TTL compatible flash. The "meaning" of "TTL Flash" (i.e., through-the-len flash) that I twisted as shooting flash through the lens is just a joke mimicking what you said "TTL control with TTL". I was a pro, then semi-pro, then giving up my photography career for a very rigorous training (i.e., advanced degree) in computer science. I certainly know how TTL-meter works and what a TTL flash meter is. The ND filter test is simply a folklore that does not have to be emphasized. What that simple test does is showing that a Coolpix camera has no TTL-metering; but, it does not show a Coolpix camera does not have TTL flash control. You and the other person just read the term "TTL flash" into its surface meaning too much. It appears to me that you are a very knowledgeable person who should not get into this meaningless argument. I have provided you with two books in my previous post. The Manual of Photography provides you with a lot of technical information regarding TTL metering and TTL control, although its discussion is not as rigorous as a technical/scientific textbooks but good enough to be used as a starting point. My scientific and engineering background/training makes me to use a term in its precise meaning, while you choose to use the same term in your way (i.e., surface meaning). Unfortunately, the meaning of a number of terms (e.g., matrix metering and TTL flash) has been twisted so much that the original precision is gone. So, I will stop arguing with you because it wastes my time and yours as well. Read the books and you will see what the meaning of "TTL control" is. Then, we will use the same terminology to discuss something. Otherwise, our argument is simply an event like a cat talking to a dog (i.e., no common language) and will never end.


TTL control without TTL is an oxymoron and is totally misleading if Nikon really intends to confuse their customer since we are talking about TTL flash here. Every cameras and almost any digital devices are TTL compatible... Even my kid's Gameboy has TTL control, but no TTL flash here either! One might as well call a film camera digital since it has a digital processor in it for controls
See my response above. It is so sad that this argument/discussion has become so fruitless.

Nikon Coolpix 950/990/995/2500/4500 user guide
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What a joke!!! how can you have control of something when you do not have that function at all or in first place? what kind of text book explaination is that? In simple term, if the camera wasn't design for TTL flash, you don't have TTL flash, if the camera doesn't have TTL flash, it doesn't have any control over TTL.

No, I really don't understand English the way you explained or understood, but one thing I know for sure, Nikon will not tell the consumers they you explained. Your textbook knowledge does not impress me at all or anyone in here, but I do know what right from wrong. I don't need any respect from you either.

So I say this again, there is no TTL flash feature on any current Nikon coolpix digicams, look for that feature in the new Nikon coopix 5800. I do want to apologize the author of this post that you have to go through this major bs debate.

I see no need of responding any further on this subject. Cheers
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