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Default Off Camera Wireless Flash Trigger

I've been thinking that I should use a wireless flash trigger so that I can handheld or put the flash somewhere else. Have anyone use one of those cheap one before?

Cheaplights NPT-04 4 Channel Wireless Hot Shoe Flash Trigger and 2 Receivers Set for Canon Nikon Pentax from Amazon.

I have Pentax K-R and I have the "Sigma EF-530 DG ST" Flash.

I guess I can't use Pttl on this receiver anymore. But my flash only allow Full or 1/4 power. Can I set my flash to Full power and set my camera to reduce the power?
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I thought the EF-530 had wireless capability built in, and that you could use the pop-up flash on the camera as controller. You should be able to set the flash on the camera, and select wireless mode channel, then be able to use it off camera with full Pttl control. I am not sure how much the K-r differs from mine, so you should check the manual for a full explanation.

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The Sigma ST flash versions do not support wireless at all (either as a Master or a Slave).

IOW, to use a flash off camera controlled via the camera's built in flash, you'd need a Super versus ST model in the Sigma lineup (for example, the Sigma EF-530 DG Super versus the Sigma EF-530 ST).

The Sigma EG-530 DG ST version also doesn't give you much in the way of manual power control, only offering 1/1 (full) or 1/16th power.

With the Sigma EG-530 DG Super, you get 1/1 (full), 1/2, 1/4th, 1/8th, 1/16th, 1/32nd, 1/64th & 1/128th.

The ST version doesn't support HSS (High Speed Sync/FP Mode) either, meaning you're limited to the camera's x-sync speed with it. The Super versions do support HSS.

IOW, the OP's sigma model is not a good choice for an off camera flash, using either a "dumb" radio trigger like the OP bought, or using a more sophisticated wireless flash setup supporting TTL.

He's probably be better off just buying a cheap manual or Auto Thyristor type flash to use with that Radio Trigger (as the Sigma he has is really not designed to be used that way), setting the flash for the desired power (either by using the camera in manual mode and setting the flash and camera to match for aperture and ISO speed if the Flash is an Auto Thyristor version; or by tweaking the manual power settings on the flash).

For full TTL control with High Speed Sync, etc., you'd need a different dedicated flash (and those wouldn't work that way via a cheap radio trigger, so you'd need to use the Camera's built in flash, or have an on camera flash that could act as a "Master" to control the Flash being used as a "Slave").

Radio Triggers like that one are best suited for use with cheaper manual flash models, not a dedicated flash like the OP's Sigma model.
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