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Morgoth Mar 14, 2005 5:58 PM

I last posted on here about my Cobra D650 flash which I was using with my Fuji s602. This flash had the advantage of being extremely cheap (£13.50) and having about 8 different aperture settings and

Although it is the slowest recharging flash ever, probably, it was fine for my S602. However, I recently bought an Olympus E1 dslr, which as far as quality is concerned is streets ahead of the s602, and makes me regret having used an s602 even more than I already did. The E1, for some reason, does not work nearly as well with the flash. It works fine, but the flash doesn't have the same capacity to fill a room with light and the light consequently looks harsher with the E1.

I need a more powerful flash for my E1, but I don't want to spend huge amounts of money on it because I don't need ttl or an extra fill light or anything, I just want a powerful flash with a lot of control over the output, with lots of auto aperture settings and variable power settings. And a bounce and swivel head and a trigger voltage of less than 250v.

I am thinking of old flashes mainly here - apart from those with dodgy high trigger voltages, an old, powerful flash would do what I need providing it fulfilled the above criteria of power settings.

I am thinking that a guide number of 120ft or 36m would be the minimum. Does anyone know where there are any spec lists for older flashes or flashes in general? Hardly any information about them seems to be available, you have to know what you are looking for and you can only ever seem to get information on new flashes from scattered manufacturers.

I have been thinking of the Vivitar 285HV but haven't found any UK sources for them at all, and 285 that aren't HVs sometimes have excessive trigger voltages, ditto 283s. They also have only a few auto settings, although they're better than a lot of flashes for that.

Anyone got any suggestions?

[email protected] Mar 19, 2005 7:40 PM

I use a Sunpak 383 Super on my 20D with a Sto-Fen diffuser.

I get pretty good results

I do find the 20D at high ISO's (ISO1600, ISO3200) that it is difficult to get the flash exposure right.

The Sunpak 383 max ISO for automatic is ISO1000. However you can compensate if you use ISO1600 or ISO3200 by using one or two stops of exposure compensation.

- Terry

KCan Apr 14, 2005 1:07 PM

Morgoth wrote:

Anyone got any suggestions?

Ever consider Metz 45 series? excellent value IMO. 45CT1 has trigger voltage around 125v . 45 CT4 and 45CL4 are very good flashes,second hand (used) flash isok.
(of course, if you like bracket mount flash)

Oh, in case you did not know this site:

geriatric May 29, 2005 7:26 AM

The new vivitar 283 and the old vivitar 285 are both safe, but the guide numbers just fall a bit short of your requirements. Hammerheads have a good guide number but most have high trigger voltages. So you will just have too flash your ass(only joking)

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