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I have been unimpressed by the TTL metering with my 20D and 550EX. I have been told that all Canon flashes have a problem with this. The two people that I talked to about this are pros that (as they put it) made that mistake of buying the 580 EX thinking that Canon had fixed the problem. They are still having the same problem that I am. They suggested the Metz 54MZ-4.
Does anyone in here have any words of wisdom for me?
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FYI - http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...42&forum_id=37
... you have to register now to read that article.

IMO the Canon is no worse than any other flash systems, you just have to experiment and understand how the TTL-2 work - There's a lot of discussion on this already on Steve's Canon forum, but the most effective way is to do an FEL lock on a known brightness.

If you leave it to the camera to decide the results can be quite erratic
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I have a 20D with the 550ex Canon flash and I also was not happy with the results until I printed some just to see what they looked like. I was amazed to see that the actual picture was perfect. I think the problem I was having had two parts. For one my monitor was not calibrated, and still isn't, which made the pictures look very bad. Another thing that happens, and NHL said the same thing, is you have to make sure that you lock the flash exposure on the part of the picture which you want exposed properly. The flash is connected to the active focus point on the 20D which means if you take a picture inside and the camera focuses on a person that is quite close it will cut the flash power so as not to overexpose that subject. Every thing else beyond that point may be very dark as a consequence. After using this camera for some time now with the 550 I am more impressed with it's ability to expose scenes with very good accuracy. I am still learning how to use all the controls available on this camera and flash. I'll see if I can find a couple of pictures I took that show this very well.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Well I found one that is not the best but it does illustrate how it exposed for the closest subject. The background is very dark.
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