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Imacer Apr 13, 2005 12:34 AM

I have a external Quantaray flash. I need to know what company makes this flash. I need to contact the company. I need to speak with them and ask them if the Quantaray external flash 6600 QAF will work with my Canon EOS Rebel Digital SLR 6.3mp. :?:

SA Flyer Apr 13, 2005 11:06 PM

Yes, it does work on the Digital Rebel without destroying the camera. Quantaray is a Ritz Camera & Video brand name put on some SunPak and Sigma products.The 6600QAFalso resembles a Vivitar. I believe that the Sunpak website is You may never get to talk to anyone as their site is mediocre.

I am not an expert, only an average Joe who strives to take good pictures. So, my opinion follows for what its worth.

It's performance is so-so as it is a flash for a film camera. It does not talk to the Digital Rebel in E-TTL language. Even though Zoom Browser identifies it as an E-TTL flash. It does fire and it does produce satisfactory results.... Most of the time. Use NiMH batteries or lithium ones.

Where it failed me was with inconsistent lighting from one picture to the next. It will serve you well until you get something better. I later got the Canon 420EX, and I wished I had gotten the 550EX or 580EX. Money was a determining factor. I am not sure that I will get a Sigma EF-500 Super DG next.

I would say that if it is in good, sound condition, put it on the Digital Rebel and take all the pictures you want as it is not costly film that you are using. Experiment if you are a beginner. The two manual controls ISO and Aperture have to be set prior to picture taking. I think that the instructions said that it reverts to automatic control if your camera can do it. The Rebel does talk to it in a basic language.

I hope that this helps.

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