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:roll:I intend to get the Quantaray MS-1 slave flash, but read that it does not work with cameras with pre-flash. I use Sony Cybershot DSC-W7, but do not know whether it has a pre-flash. Can anyone help?

How many flashes will a set of fresh batteries give? Guide number? Any other suggestion to go with Sony DSC-W7?
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You cannot use the Quantaray MS-1 with your Sony camera. You should look for a digital slave flash with a lot more power that allows you to tilt and swivel the flash head to bounce the light off of a white ceiling or wall. Two options (that I have not used, so I am not guaranteeing their performance) are the Phoenix D91-BZS and D92-BZS. Slave flashes tend to work best with the camera in manual mode, where you are in control of the camera aperture and you can choose the best combination of flash output power and camera aperture. The D92 is a lot cheaper than the D91, but the D92 does not have variable settings, and since your camera limits how you can set the aperture, you will have less flexibility in using the flash. (For example, setting the camera aperture to 5.6 and ISO to 200 and choosing a reasonable shutter speed should work with the flash, but ISO 200 does not give as clean a picture as ISO 100)

Regardless of which digital slave flash you buy, here are a couple of tips. If the subject is relatively close to the camera and you have a white wall or ceiling nearby, angle the slave flash head to bounce off the wall or ceiling. The camera's flash will light the subject and the slave will light to room (and also light the subject a bit too). If the subject is far away or there is no surface to bounce the slave, point the slave at the subject.

Check out these links:



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