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Default Returned flash - overheating

Just returned an SB900 as overheated during shoot as discussed below and was within return period. May re-purchase, but wanted to continue research vs. Nissin 866, Metz 58, and Sigma 601 models.

Currently own 2 SB600's and wanted the more powerful flash while retaining iTTL capability, and when using as a solo flash in a large venue. 75% of my flash is shot manual with cactus v4 and v5 triggers, and could economise with a manual only flash, but want to retain iTTL as an "expensive" backup as it saved me one time as I forgot to pack the triggers. oops!

Primarilly shoot real estate photography. Loved the light output of the SB900 and typically shooting at half power, bouncing off walls and using the SB600's as secondary fill and even lower power. Shot all rooms with no problem with obvious time delay setting up each room with test shots, and repositioning before final.

Problem when switching to single on-camera flash for 3 to 5 overlap shot sequence for panoramic stitching. First room and the overheat alarm is going off. Finished with SB600, saving large room for last, and despite cooldown, overheat alarm again.

Luckily, the owners of the home were not home so I had the luxury of time. Usually, the owners are home and during the panoramic sequence is when they begin looking at their watch. Sitting around waiting for flash cooldown just isn't an option. On this shoot it did actually cost me as I planned a 3rd round, available light video as I experiment with that medium - but ran out of time.

I can't imagine shooting a flash intensive event (or concentrated portions of the event), like a wedding, with an SB900. How do people do it? Of those flashes, where cost is not the issue, which would you recommend? On the Nissin and Sigma would have to check with Cactus to confirm the 866 and 601 will work. On the Cactus website, the Sigma may be too new as the earlier model is confirmed. Nissin is a different issue as the lesser models explicitly WILL NOT work with no mention of the 866, and under "confirmed compatable" Nissin isn't even mentioned.

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Nissin Di866 will work with the Cactus 5. I don't know first hand knowledge as I got this from an e-mail inquiring about this from Gadget Infinity (the site that sells them). I do not know if it will with the Nissin Di866 Mark II. The Nissin Di866 are selling at a lower cost now and may not be available after a while to make way for the newer one that has HSS.
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