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townsmen Nov 24, 2009 8:44 AM

Rokinon Flash Unit
Has anyone heard of this flash name. I am looking for a flash unit for my Alpha 700. I would prefer teh Sony 58 but the price is high. So, I am looking for a substitute.

JimC Nov 24, 2009 9:25 AM

Never heard of it.

But, I'd suggest sticking with a Sony flash (or a USB upgradeable Metz model like the 48 AF-1 or 58 AF-1) for best results, not to mention future compatibility if you upgrade your camera later.

You could go with a Sony HVL-42AM if the 58 is priced too high. You'd get a compatible flash unit with High Speed Sync (something most of the third party flash units won't have, limiting your fastest shutter speed to the x-sync of the camera, which is 1/250 second without stabilization, or 1/200 second with stabilization with a Sony A700). With a better flash, you'd have High Speed Sync allowing faster shutter speeds with flash, as well as better compatibility with features like Wireless Flash (using the built in flash to trigger an off camera flash like the HVL-42AM or HVL-58AM).

On a tighter budget, I'd go with Metz 48 AF-1 (around $200 now). Here's a listing for one at B&H:

It supports High Speed Sync and Wireless Flash features, and it's also USB Upgradeable (you can download firmware updates for the flash to better support newer camera models and install it via a USB connection to your PC). You'll see firmware downloads for it on this page:

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