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tiptonbloke Jul 2, 2005 2:57 AM

hi i was wondering , has anyone used a metz 45 cl-1 flashgun with a fuji s7000 . i was considering buying one but need advise......cheers:|

KCan Jul 2, 2005 11:14 PM

Metz 45 series are excellent. Of course , no TTL; your hotshoe doesn't offer TTL anyway.
A bit expensive, but top quality and durability. Myself, I have a 45-CT1 (the precursor of CL1) and a 45 CT-4 (the one in the avatar).
Downsize of CT1: just full power on manual mode (the CT4/CL4 offer partial manual settings and "winder" mode, and a second flash head on the front)

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