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aoz Jan 21, 2004 7:23 PM

SB-50dx, Nikon 4500, problem waking up from standy, HELPP !!
to All,
re: SB-50dx flash, on nikon 4500 camera, with Nikon AS-E900 hot shoe -

WAKING UP the flash

I have the 4500. I was looking for a flash, and from many reviews I read,

I got the SB-50dx. It seems to be a great flash. BUT, there is something

that NONE of anyone's reviews addressed, and maybe i'm missing something;

Once it goes to STANDBY mode, the camera will NOT turn it back on UNLESS

you FIRST take a picture; only AFTER the picture is taken does the flash

wake up, ready for the next picture.

If there is a DIFFERENT way around this, PLEASE let me know. (Nikon tech

support tested this out in their lab last evening, 1/2 hour on the phone

with them)

I am disappointed, as this limits the flexibility of this flash with this


Long version - Standby starts after 40 seconds. LCD of flash goes out.

When pressing the CAMERA button half-way down, I would have expected the

flash to wake up. BUT, apparently, the exposure meter does NOT activate

until AFTER the shutter has gone off, and only then does the flash wake up.

Now, you can re-ready the flash by using the on/off button on the flash,

but this is problematic also. Take this scenario -

I set up the camera, on a tripod. I get it ready to do a family portrait.

I want to be in the portrait. OK, I get it lined up; I set the

self-timer. THEN I have to run back and get into the shot. 40 seconds can

elapse during all this; SO, the flash turns off just before the shot


Second scenario - I'm taking family pictures at a wedding. Flash is in

standby. Sudddenly, a good shot apears; I have to first turn onn the

flash, or shoot a picture with the camera, with NO flash (to turn on the

flash), and then lose the actual shot because the action is finished.



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