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studiolabmaster Dec 6, 2004 1:33 PM

sigma flash user,pls help

i just tried out two same model of this flash serial no is 7016810 &7016813. the flash is excellent ,could be better than the 550ex but.......
anyone encounter this problem below:
Pls help.

1)i keep shooting ,zooming in & out the len,the flashes suddenlystop flashing with the ??mm on the lcd of the sigma flash blinking.

next the same as above, but this time the flash head got sound like a machine gun ,soft sound and could not flash any more

TO solve this problem,i had to off the flash and on it ,this occoured almost as often as 50 images once.anyone had this problem,pls help.

Regretted having this, the sigma technician tested thsi and said there was no problem ewith this.but i do a few test and still the same!!!

Anyone with this problem or any ,pls leave me a message.
Hopefully the new shipment of this flash solve the problem.

Pray hard and will keep u inform of the latest news .

pls reply if u had or not the same problems..............

may god bless us........

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