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I use the 420 with G5, Rebel, and FZ10, and it works nicely. I'm interested in slaving my 420 to a 550 and was hoping someone here could offer me some suggestions. I'm shooting basketball and volleyball in a terribly lit gym. I would like "not" to mount strobes if possible. I have no experience with slave lighting and would appreciate it if you could tell me if the following would be possible:

Could I slave a 420 mounted, by clip, somewhere and use the 550 on camera. And, if so, could I slave 2 420s?

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You can use up to 3 groups of slaves (each group can have more than 1 flash). If you don't use ratios (or exposure compensation) then all you need is just one group with as many flashes as you want:
There's threads on the plastic shoe insert for the flash's bottom where you can attach a clip or bracketed them to a lightstand.

Also Ctrack is correct with E-TTL, for action shots with the pre-flash you might miss some real moment... since the final shot is slightly delayed from the 1st pre-flash :?

BTW there's cheaper alternatives in the Sigma 500DG Super. It has the more powerful GN and features of the 550EX, but can be bought for the price of the 420EX! :P
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I noted in your post that you're using the 420EX with a FZ10 (Panasonic I assume). I just got my FZ10 and was planning to use my Sunpak 433D with it. But now i have a choice to use my 420EX. How do you like using the 420Ex with the FZ10? Any tips on using this combo? Does the 420EX fire at full 100% power (I assume it would)? So the range / maxium distance is over 40 ft with the lens wide open?

Apparently (because I just tried it) the 420EX remembers the last zoom setting used (which the Sunpak dosn't have). So in special situations when I have the time, it appears that I can preset the zoom setting on my Canon G2 and then use the flash with the FZ10 to somewhat "maximize" the effectiveness of the flash's coverage.

The Sunpak has an adjustable power output which i like to use to compensate for shorter distances instead of changing the aperature. I also have an older Minolta 2800 flash that I plan to check out with the FZ10.

Now, all I have to do is to find the time to do all this...Harvey 8)
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The 420EX works fine with the FZ10 because you can tilt the head. But you might consider "any" digital compliant flash with a tilting head, cheaper than Canon, such as Vivitar, would probably work just as well. That's my guess.

Any flash that has an adjustable output and works on a digital camera would be the choice for FZ10.
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