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Default Sunpak 383 Discontinued-What Is Equal?

I've been using a Sunpak 383 for some years now on my Panasonic DZ-20 via a Kaiser hot shoe, sync cord, and external flash mount.

(I don't like mounting a flash directly on the camera, as the weight loosened the shoe the first time and had to be fixed.)

Appears as if the 383 went to flash heaven, and I have learned it's been discontinued.

Looked at the Vivitar 283, but it doesn't have a swivel head.

Doesn't have to be dedicated, of course.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!
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Buy a used one. ;-)

Also, if you look around, you can find a lot of similar Sunpak models. For example, the Sunpak 433D models are readily available on the used market. These are "dedicated" in that they're designed to work with specific manual focus camera brands so that the camera knows you have a flash attached. But, they work fine as a non-dedicated flash without using the extra pins (controls work like the Sunpak 383 Super series, and they have a built in sensor that terminates the flash output when the flash sees enough reflected light for the ISO speed and aperture you have set). Don't confuse the newer models with this one (as some of those work differently and require TTL functionality with an Autofocus film camera. Here's an example of a 433D. Make sure to get one that's designed for manual focus cameras (i.e., you'll want one with a foot that does *not* have an AF assist lamp built in to insure everything works right as a non-dedicated flash). Note that this model does not have a PC Sync port if that's important to you. Otherwise, specs and controls are virtually identical to the 383 Super:


Another model you may want to look for on the used market is the Sunpak 333 Auto, which is very much like the Sunpak 383 Super, except the 333 Auto has the benefit of a manual Zoom head built in (which is optional for the 383 Super and 433D models). I got one for $25 in 10 Condition (as new in box) from the used department at B&H a few years back. This model does have a PC Sync connection built in.

If you prefer the 383 Super, it looks like keh.com (a reputable vendor of used gear) has one in Excellent condition right now

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I replaced my Sunpak 383 recently by purchasing used. The KEH unit is well priced and in excellent condition.

Sarah Joyce
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Thank you all for the help!
I'm steering towards a new flash, though, as the 383's used prices have approached what they went for new previously.
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