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i recently acquired a sunpak 383 external flash and was excited to give it a try. i'm new to flash photography, but wanted something i could experiment with bounce flash with. so i used it at a recent wedding i was photographing. i was using it in manual mode, which i don't know was the best mode to use it in, and i was adjusting the flash output on the flash to full power, 1/8, 1/16 depending on the shot. anyways, it was working fine and then suddenly i took a picture and it didn't go off... another one and it didn't go again. the light on the flash would be on to show it was ready to go off but it would not go off. then i would have to turn the flash itself on and off a couple times to get it to work again. it was really frustrating to stay calm and professional during all this. anyways, afterwards i was thinking of why this happened and all i could think of was that maybe the flash output (full power, 1/4, 1/8, etc) dial was not perfectly lined up with the number, which could've caused it to not go off and i just needed to be more careful to line it up correctly. after reading a bit now, i realize that manual mode may be better for fill flash and auto mode would be easier for the traditional shots, etc. if no one knows what's wrong with it, maybe i need to return it and see if it's a faulty flash itself. help me!
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It's more likely that you just didn't have it screwed down tightly enough in the shoe to make a good enough connection (the big knurled wheel on the flash foot turns to tighten it down to the shoe). Try cleaning the contacts (wipe the center contact in the flash and the shoe with an old t-shirt if nothing else), or if you just slide it in and out of the shoe a few times, friction would probably clean the center and outside contacts. It's probably a connection issue (although something else could be wrong). If it was PC Sync Port attached, you could have a bad cable.

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