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I did not say it got warm, but any heat generated get disspated by the aluminium case heatsink (of which there's plenty). In any conversion, and I'm talking about the efficient switching regulators (not the power dissipating linear regulator), the maximum theoretical efficiency achievable hovers around 90% so guess where the rest go?
Just look at the D7(i) where it's already very efficient (and only from a 4.8V), people still complain... There's less heatsinking area here, but I barely feel the warm myself !

You can do what you want with the MD, there's already several of us D7/MD owners here already happy with this combination, and we're actually on our 2nd one gig as well...

I'm happy for you that you like your DCB, but if one can get by without the extra bagage & cost (ie triple the CT-45 capacity for next to nothing), why not? Just like the MD, which allows one to get by without having to swap memory cards the whole day, and save money at the same time. Everyone makes their own choice, and your reliability concern and the increase speed of the charge are as good as any, you just have to pay more that's all. However; fact is fact, and there's no way you can regulate or step up without any loss (plus you're doing it twice, in the DCB and in the camera !)

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With some creativity one can achieve the raw power of the DCB for much less, but it's not for everyone (ie do the legwork or pay up).


If you want I can point you to several semiconductor manufacturer's application notes to implement a HV step-up for very reasonable cost over the DCB as well. It requires a minimum amount of components (I'm sure Kcan can build this as well...) and the vendors will also gladly supply you with samples...

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it's stil about versitility. and it's not just about raw power its controlled power. your right about being able to tool a BP together. thats the easy. but if i can get it to run on multi voltage items and multi items at the same time thats better. the manhours to design aquire assemble a multi function pack just makes it easier to go and get a finished product already.

this unit allows me, at the 2.5 frame per sec rate, 4 full power strobe shots in 10 seconds with only 1 full power shot in 8 sec off fresh nimh batteries in both units. i guess there is no real advantage in that is there. i guess its all about what you shoot. at a wedding or media event it's a big difference.

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