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Default Vivitar 283 and T2i: Oops...

I was rummaging in my closet for some old inherited photography stuff, and low and behold, I found an awesome flash! A Vivitar 283 auto thyristor flash unit. I mounted the sucker on my new T2i, and low and behold, it fit!

So I take a picture with it, flash goes off once, and then the flash stops firing...uh oh. I go onto the web and it sounds like using an old SLR flash with a new DSLR (especially this one) was not a wise idea. So now I'm in a panic that I've fried a less than one month old camera.

I try it once more (not a good idea, I know, but I don't have another external flash to test with). It fires fine, no problems.

I take it off and try the built-in flash. Built-in Flash pops out fine, fires, doesn't look like any problems. In automatic mode, the flash fires in rapid succesion 2-3 times before finally firing and taking the picture one final time. I assume this is normal too. But everything looks okay, but I don't have a proper external flash to test.

My paranoid mind needs some reassurance though...is it possible I could've done any long term damage? Should I be considering that extended warranty now? I'd hate to discover 6 months down the road my stupidity caused some damage to the internal electronics or something.
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Just measured the sync voltage of the 283 (I'm assuming I don't fire the flash during hte measurement.)

Only measures 9-9.5v fortunatly, and the T2i is listed as supporting up to 250v.

I won't use htis thing anymore without a safe sync, but it sounds like I dodged a bullet...

NOTE TO SELF: Never attach anything to camera without research
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research first!
yeah, the multiple flashing then taking a pic is normal...red eye stuff. prefer to use regular flash on low for rear fill myself. I have a slave flash, small one I rarely use...want to 'make' a macro ring flash to go with 'all' my cameras as they do not make one which works with several different sized lenses. Either slave or attached.
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I have a Vivitar 283 also wish my Canon 580EXII work as well as the 283. Anyway the trigger voltage on mine measured 110v but I still don't use it on the camera just to be safe.
Comments always welcome.
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