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Jussi78 Jan 4, 2004 11:48 PM

What 3rd party Flashes suites the best for Sony DSC-828?

I was thinking of buying a Sony 828 but then there will be the issue finding a powerful but yet affordable flash unit. Is the Sunpack 5000AF going to work or should I go other way? All good suggestions are wellcome!



Jeff Morris Jan 20, 2004 8:05 AM

Don't go 3rd party.....
If you can fit it in your budget think about the HLV-F32X flash. It sells in the States between $150 and $200. It is dedicated to Sony's new cameras and offers Tilt head, TTL, excellent coverage and direct communication with the camera. Plus it is very well built.

It does not offer a swivel head or power zoom. You must flip down a panel for use at 28mm. That said it is a very nice product and I recommend it highly. Recycle time runs around 6 seconds. :D

Harleyguy Feb 7, 2004 11:17 PM

I'm not sure if there are any 3rd party flashes dedicated to the Sony 828. I had some early Minolta flashes with a couple of contacts on the bottom and they didn't work. On the other hand I had an inexpensive single contact flash with an "sensor eye" auto sensor and that one did work. The exposure was marginal. I Think I'm going to pick up an inexpensive single contact bounce head flash and use that on the hot shoe or with an old off camera cord that fits into the hot shoe. At any rate a proper exposure is going to be real iffy using these cheap non-dedicated flashes. An off camera flash will be needed for any macro photos as any flash attached directly to the camera hotshoe will fire over the subject.

[email protected] Feb 8, 2004 9:15 AM

None..if you want all the new features plus the new TTL mode, you have to get the new Sony HLV-F32X flash, this flash is beautiful made, actually in Japan, it looks so balance when it attached to your F-828 shot shoe. Any 3rd party flash will not work on TTL mode, only with auto mode. :) :cry:

$160 if you register your Sony warranty online with Sony, and it will ship directly from Japan to your door within 4 days via Fedex overnight, with nomial (ground shipping )charge. :)

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