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metelys Oct 30, 2004 3:12 AM


Please name the flash units you use with Sony DCS-F828. Mainly I am interested in 3rd party flash units like Nikon, Canon, Sunpack etc.

So if you use specifick model please supply short feedback: brand, model, positives or negatives sides of usage, is it satisfy your need in 100% and so.

Thanks in advice,


Mikefellh Oct 30, 2004 3:43 AM

The thing about the F828 is it has an "advanced hotshoe" which probably communicates with the flash like other TTL hotshoe cameras, which means you want a dedicated flash for the easiest use. With these cameras, you adjust the settings on the camera and the flash adjusts to what the camera is telling it (again I'm assuming the Sony does what other TTL based flashes do). In order to use this feature you need a flash that's 100% compatible with the camera with this feature.

Now there's nothing stopping you from using a non-Sony automatic or manual flash, but in those cases you have to adjust the camera based on the chart on the back of the flash. This requires more thinking on your part.

I realized you mentioned Canon and Nikon brands, but in most cases these days they mostly make dedicated TTL flashes which only work on their have to be aware that if the flash TTL contacts come in contact with the camera's advanced flash contacts it could damage either device.

The last thing you should be aware of is flash trigger voltage...if you buy an older flash it might have too much trigger voltage for your camera...many newer cameras don't like a trigger voltage of higher than 6v, whereas many older flashes have a trigger voltage of 100volts or more.

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