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Chrisbenwalker Jul 22, 2008 2:49 PM

I am thinking of getting an external flash after not being that happy with the on-board one I have on my Nikon D50.

I am only a casual shooter, and don't want to spend too much. And if being totally honest, not really sure what functions the various flash units have for my camera.

I don't want anything too bit (I see SB 600 etc) and wonder if there is anything as good, but smaller, and maybe cheaper for my needs.

Would it necessary to go for Nikon or would 3rd party manufacturer be as good for something like a flash?

Any thought appreciated.

Thanks Chris

gregg Aug 9, 2008 12:37 PM

sunpak! I use it on my d40...great flash

I own a Nikon D40 and was planning to purchase a Nikon sb400 or 600 sometime in the future...but....circuit city had a sunpak PF30x flash reduced from 99 to $14(!)

had some major problems from the start...sent back for a firmware it works great!

It has a built in AF Beam and the back of the flash has +/- EV adjustments to fine tune it

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