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It has a Manual Low & Hi setting as well as Auto. I know I can't use the auto setting, just manual. I don't want to attach it to my camera unless I know it will not damage the cam.

I got it cheap, it's an older 200x circa 1981, working condition.


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Actually, you should be able to use the Auto Setting on the flash. It's just an Auto Thyristor type flash (it's not really auto in the sense that it's aware of the camera settings used like a modern dedicated flash). The auto part means it's using the built in sensor on the front to measure reflected light. When it sees enough, it terminates the flash output.

You'd want to use the camera in manual, then set the aperture on the camera to match the scale shown for the auto range on the flash, using an appropriate shutter speed for the conditons (for example, 1/100 second is a good starting point for most indoor conditions).

According to some user tests, it's trigger voltage isn't very high.


Here's how to measure one if you want to check it.


Personally, I wouldn't worry about using this strobe via the hotshoe.

I've seen users report that Sony uses an SCR that's capable of handling relatively high trigger voltages via the hotshoe. If a flash was 200volts, I might worry a bit, despite users that have went through schematics in repair manuals to figure out the SCR used. But, for one under about 24 volts, I personally wouldn't worry about it.

If you need something with more flexibility and power, you can usually pick up something like a Sunpak 333 Auto on the used market for $20 or less.

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