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ken212 Jul 16, 2005 3:42 PM

I have a number of problems when it comes to indoor shots with my camera. I cannot always get close to the subjects with my camera and I need to use the 10x zoom.

When my daughter was on stage I tried taking pictures of her in different modes with the camera as well as with different modes of flash. But I had two major problems. the children came out blurry with bad coloring. Also instead of red eye their eyes were otally white.

Next when my gaughter was playing in a basketball game I had a number of problems. The gym was well lit just like you were outside. I tried using the camera with the in built flash and without te flash. I also triued using differnt mosed including auto and sports. When I took the pictures without the flash the coloring seemed to come out ok, but they were blurry like they were in motion, even using the sports mode. When I tried withut the flash the were a little clearer although some were grainy. But than the pictures came out to dark.

Wouls a slave flash along with the built in flash help at all in these situations? If so should I shootit staight on or at an angle? Like I said I was a bit of a distance from them, but this was unavoidable since I could not get very close and that is why I neede to use the 10x zoom

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