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I recently purchased an SB800 flash for my Nikon D70. I went with the better flash based on some recommendations from here. Thanks guys. My question is this. Can I use both an SB-800 and SB-600 in wireless mode. Set the 800 for master and the 600 for slave? Can I also use them both as slaves and the onboard flash as a master. If I was taking some family pictures in the house and had an sb-800 on one side and the 600 on the other and using the onboard flash in the center, would that work?
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In regard to your last question, yes, provided you had a SU-4 slave controller attached to both the Sb-800 and 600 flash units.
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You don't need an SU-4 (and can't use them actually) for theses newer flashes, at least it won't work with the TTL mode, but in a dumb down 'M' mode only (ie no pre-flash which the dSLRs need to meter properly)!!!
The SU-4 are only suitable for the older SB series without the wireless feature and only work with film cameras... The wireless feature is now built-in(and set) from the flash head(s) similar to the Canon's :?

As far as for the camera's built-in flash acting as a master - Minolta is the only manufacturer I can recall of who offers this feature with their wireless TTL metering. Everyone else need an external flash mounted on the dedicated hot-shoe to act as a Master
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Using the 800 as master and 600 as slave should be a breeze. 800 atop the camera and 600 set as slave.

Both cameras as slaves, onboard as master:

Set both flashes to channel A group 3 (or is that channel 3 group A?) anyways, it's in the D70's manual under wireless flash use. Set flash mode on the camera to TTL Commander, then fire away. Note: this is not true master, as the camera's flash merely controls the two external flashes, and does not contribute light in the final exposure.
PS. in the above setup, you have many other options available - the 600 set as slave will emulate the 800 in every way. eg. repeating flash mode, which the 600 does not list as being capable of operating in, yet it does so when an 800 is there as master.
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