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chirantha7777 Sep 24, 2010 11:32 PM

YN-560 with Cybershot! YES! THATS RIGHT!
Ok guys,

I just bought a YN-560 from EBay from the seller hkyongnuophotoequipment. I requested EMS shipping (24USD extra) and it was delivered to my door in Sri Lanka exactly after just 6 days! Great seller if you ask me. I bought it as a Slave Unit for my Cybershot.

Right, I was a bit nervous when I opened the package because I did not know for sure if it will work with my Cybershot W210. Soon after the very first flash it was clear!

The YN-560 works 100% fine with my Cybershot W210 on Slave Mode S2 (one pre-flash cancellation). Not only that! At lower power levels it even supports the Red-Eye system of the camera because its charging is so fast! (It works on the 1/2 power level... 1/1 takes a bit too long... you can make it work maybe with a external power pack).

A 12.1Mpix CCD Cybershot W210 camera with a YN-560 Flash is a prefect match! Also as I believe the YN-560 is compatible with most Digital Compact camera's out there! So everyone Three Cheers for YONGNUO! for making a dream come true product.

Hip hip Horry!
Hip hip Horry!
Hip hip Horry!

BTW, people should really give some advertising for the YN-560 saying it is actually compatible with Cybershot camera etc.

mtclimber Sep 25, 2010 9:10 AM


Because the Y/N 560 is both a slave flash and a manual flash it will work with any digital camera. Enjoy your new equipment.

Sarah Joyce

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