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Default Yongnuo rf 603, can I mount a ttl cord on it?

Hi, I have a canon 430 ex ii and I am trying to figure out how to get it off camera, with ettl and cheaply
I figured a ETTL cord would be ok, but since I am also looking for a shutter release, I was wondering if I could get a Yongnuo rf 603 or something similar and mount a ETTL cord on top??
Or what other suggestions do you have?

Thanks a lot
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Depends on what you mean. If you mean can you mount the TTL cord on the transmitter's TTL pass-through and have it tethered to the camera while you still use the 603 to trigger other flashes that are in manual mode then yes you can do that. I do this sometimes with my Phottix Strato setup - a flash tethered on TTL for fill (or sometimes key) with other flashes on manual providing key and accent.

If you mean attach the TTL cord to the receiver then no, it will not receive any TTL info that way. The wireless aspect of the 603 only sends a fire command wirelessly, not TTL info.

TTL cord is the cheapes and easiest way to get the flash off camera and use TTL but with obvious limitations. You can daisy-chain multiple TTL cords for length BTW.

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Brad, thank you.
Yes what I was thinking was to conect a rf603 on the camera hotshoe and use it as a remote shutter. Add a ttl cord on top of it to move the flash rataining ettl on that flash. Later as I learn and grow maybe get some other flash..
Don't know if my ramble makes sense..
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