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hello guys,

i bought the e1 because of its size and portability, and although i have a fl-50 i want something smaller and i don't fancy the fl-20.

so my question is...

can i use the olympus t20 flashin ttl mode on a olympus e1. and if not...

can anybody recommend any third party alternatives that would give me ttl.

many thanks

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i think thats risky
T20 was from film SLRs right?
dont think it will be TTL in E1
you might fry the electronics in the camera


TTL flash for Oly is hard
you should consider the Fl-36
its a handier size, but only has 2 AA's, so runs out of gas pretty quick
has slower recycling times, when near flat around 15 seconds
it has no sync chord plug, so you need a special hotshoe cord to get off camera flash

other choices ?
you either go for an AUTO flash, which uses the flash thyresister circuitry not the cameras
or check out METZ flashes, i guess the Metz mecablitz 28
but by the time you buy the Metz and the adapter (for TTL)
i think the FL-36 would be a cheaper buy


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