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I have a sony DSC-H1 and the built in flash is quite powerful for indooruseeven at 20+ ft. For longer distances however (esp outdoors)I'd like something a bit more powerful or that can be used remotely.

I'm considering one of those Phoenixslave flashes w/ bracket to either use on the camera... or make a small base so I can use it remotely across the room.

I also have an old Albinar CAN-91 thryistor flashfrommy Canon T70 that does a decent job and I'm thinking about maybe using it with a bracket...or making a small base for it and using it as a remote flash with one of thoselittleoptical slavetriggers for around $15.

Anyone try one of these slave flashesyet with an H1 or other digicam? Do they work well? Fastto respond and have a long enough flash durationso they won't be late?

Any experience with one of those small slave trigger hotshoe attachments with an older flash?

Comments and input please...


edited: PS Oops....sorry bout that confusing subject line...was half asleep typing this
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See this post for a similar discussion:http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=53

A note on the inexpensive optical triggers - most digicams fire a pre-flash to get a meter reading before firing the "real" flash. The optical trigger will trigger the slave on the pre-flash and your picture will be underexposed because the slave flash will have fired before the camera starts the exposure. Some digicams let you fire the flash in a manual mode without preflash, but I don't know if yours does. The Sunpak digital slave adapter mentioned in the discussion after the link has settings for no pre-flash or different numbers of preflashes.

>>edited becuase I said the exact opposite of what I meant in one place. "Some digicams let you fire the flash in a manual mode WITHOUT preflash..."
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Thanks for the reply. In the interim Idid some more research and found that mySony H1does fire apre-flash (to meter) even withwith red-eye reduction off.The red-eye pre-flash is obvious but the metering pre-flash occurs sofast I cant visibly see it. That most likely rules out several slave flashes and slave trigger units.

The link to that other thread with the Sunpack flash adapter handle might be just what I'm looking for to use with my old Albinar unit.

Thanks again.

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